Launch Experience of the Mug Friends Collection

Launch Experience of the Mug Friends Collection

I am so grateful, appreciative, blessed, honoured, shocked and tearful. It was such a surreal experience. It was a rollercoaster of emotions hours and minutes leading up to the launch. I was excited and happy, while simultaneously being so anxious and nervous to the point where i felt sick. I had been working on the Mug Friend Collection since December 2023 and finally 4 months later finished it. When working on any project, you get so caught up it in and forget to remember that there is an end. And when you finally get to that end, it just feels so weird.. like “now what.” It felt so weird to have been creating for 4 months to then being ready to let it all go.

I didnt have any expectations before the launch. I was only mindful that if I didnt sell anything that it was going to be okay. That at the end of the day, it was so important to not allow the liking of others validate my hard work. That even if i didn't sell anything, it doesnt mean i didnt work hard, or i didnt try enough. It doesnt change the love i have for the craft.

But of course, in a small business perspective, I understood that in order to make sales, people needed to like my products. And that is so terrifying, to rely on others to love your work that you have been working for months on, to love just as much.

When Mug Friends Collection launched it was a magical experience. To see the live view of my supporters around the world. To see over 20 people waiting before 3pm. The idea of my supporters talking about their upcoming weekend with friends/family saying, “I’ll be waiting for the launch of Yana’s Ceramics new collection on Sunday,” IS SO CRAZY. Then, my first sale came, then second, third and suddenly I sold 22/23 of my mugs in 15 minutes. I was speechless, I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was overwhelmingly euphoric and i was in shock.

I am truly in love with what I do. I know my products worth, my worth and I know how much hard work I put into my craft. I give my heart, body and soul into what I do and i am so passionate about creating pieces that can be forever cherished. After years of trying different artistic mediums, it so fulfilling to have found my style. It feels like I have completed a puzzle. Being able to sell what i create comes second to it all. 

thank you to everyone who ordered from the Mug Friends Collection, YASL restock and coasters. I could say ‘thank you’ everyday for the rest of my life, but i still feel that it wouldnt be enough to express my gratitude and appreciation. It truly means so much to be supported by you all and have such a loving and safe community.

Thank you from the bottom of heart!

Yana :))

P.S to see a live video of the launch, keep an eye out on my YouTube, Yana Margaux. I will be posting a vlog of the expierence! :)) 

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