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Yana's Ceramics

You Are Loved Mug

You Are Loved Mug

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⚠️ Small Crack on the bottom side of the handle. It is protected with glaze and is food safe. However, recommend not putting this mug in the microwave, oven, and of course, not in the dishwasher as the heat can cause the crack to expand and crack more ⚠️


Be continually reminded of how special and loved you are with this adorable mug! Or spread the love by sharing this mug to someone special ❤️🫂

A special gift to any special friend, family member, a lover or yourself. 

Perfectly imperfect ceramic mug, completely handmade with lots of love!! Due to its handmade nature, you may discover unique wobbles, special curves in its shape, interesting textures and colour streaks. But, its flaws is what it makes this mug so special, as there is no other piece like it. 


Approximate Height: 7-8cm 

Approximate Width (including handle): 13-14cm 

Approximate Capacity: 250 - 300mls (1 cup) 

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